Why is Physical Fitness Important? Why is physical fitness important is the kind of question that makes me think: “Wow, where do I start”. Many books have been written on this singular subject matter. In answering this question on the importance of physical fitness lets take a look at a summarized list of the most immediate as well most noticeable benefits of physical fitness. To answer the question of why is physical fitness important more easily lets divide the answers into two categories that have the most impact on our lives: cardio vascular benefits

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anti-ageing and aesthetic benefits

Why is Physical Fitness Important? – Cardio Benefits After you have been exercising for a few years and feel the benefits of regular cardio exercise the question of: “Why is physical fitness important?” becomes a question that will give you the same initial reaction is does me: “How do I begin to answer this question for there are so many benefits!?”. However, let us examine more benefits (other than those mentioned in our importance of physical fitness page) of a regular cardio routine. Being “cardio-fit” will allow you to feel better, feel stronger, be more agile and have more resiliance to strenuous activities. Cardio fitness essentially acts as an internal system booster and re-inforces all your bodies functions in a natural way. This is a tremendous benefit as it allows you to build-up and strengthen your body from the inside. When you do weight lifting you make your body look strong from the outside. Similarly, think of cardio fitness as making your body and all its internal life-sustaining functions and defense mechanisms much stronger. Thus, if you look strong it doesn’t always mean that you are cardio fit. Allow me to use a simple yet very well documented example of Mountaineers.

When serious expeditions embark on mountain climbing expeditions it is not always the ones who look strong and muscular that make it to the top. In fact, endurance at such high altitudes where the air is “thinner” has little to do with your muscular strength. In fact, it has to do with your cardio fitness! Those who have good cardio endurance are able to handle lack of oxygen and the difficulties which it creates: such as disorientation as a result of lack of oxygen to the brian; the inability of the body to “feed: the muscles with whatever oxygen it can given the altitude; basic respiratory functions such as maintaining a normal heart beat. You see, those who who have high cardio fitness levels are able to cope with more extreme situations or ocassions when our body is pushed to its limits and is under some form of physical duress. Think of Lance Armstrong. Does he look like a strong bodubuilder? Of course not, but what he does have is an exceptionally fit cardio-vascular system that allows him to sustain normal bodily functions in situations when most normal humans would probably pass-out and need medical attention.

Thus, you get the point. Cardio exercise will raise the bar when it comes to your endurance levels. It will have an effect on your entire internal system that will have benefits that you may not even be aware of. Be fit, do some cardio. Always incorporate some form of cardio in your exercise routines! Why is Physical Fitness Important? – Anti-Ageing and Easthetic Benefits Age is the one great equalizer in life and no matter what we do (short of discovering the fountain of youth) we all age. However, we age at different rates.

This means that those of us who take care of ourselves and “maintain” ourselves inside and out are inevitably delaying the signs of ageing. Remember we can not delay ageing but we can delay or minimize the signs of ageing. You can minimize the amount of wrinkles you have by applying diferent creams on your face or around your eyes. You can minimize the amount of fat you have around your stomach or thighs by engaging in regular exercise. Fitness is perhaps the most inexpensive, and most healthy as well as beneficial, non-surgical way to stave off the signs of ageing. Granted, it takes a bit longer and requires more effort but in the end the positive results it has makes it well worth it.

To quote a dear friend of mine who is a fitness instructor: “It doesn’t matter how old you are; what matters more is how old you look!”. She is by no means a vain person but in her efforts to explain today’s world she, in a way, came-up with a kind of “cosmic truth” of our modern age. Think of people 100 years ago. At age 40 they looked old, wheras today, there are many 40 year old men and women who are in great shape. Those that exercise regularly and watch what they eat are in great shape at the age of 40, or 50 and beyond for that matter! Again, – Why is physical fitness important? Physical fitness will improve the way your skin looks; allow you to have better proportions through changing the muscle-to-fat ratio on your body; improve the shape and definition of your muscles creating a younger looking physique. Add to that the cardio benefits of having a stronger immune system and increased endurance levels and you realize that you cannot go wrong with doing some type of fitness workout or bodybuilding routine! Fitness will stave off and shave off years from your appearance. It’s a fact!

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