Your cherished relationship may be long over, but if you still feel something strong about it and you go on believing your relationship can still be salvaged, do not hesitate to do the right thing. Regrets are only for losers. Win back your ex right now.

What You Can Do After the Breakup

First of all, try to understand what had happened that led to the breakup. Ask yourself what you and your ex had done to destroy the relationship. It would be most probable that your case was not a one-sided problem. Realizing all the wrongs that got into the way would do much to win back your ex and help repair and strengthen the relationship in the future. But then, the most important part in this phase would be to determine if you are still interested in wooing your ex-partner back.

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It would be smart to avoid contact with your ex for weeks after the breakup. If your partner wants to talk to you, he/she will call. Avoiding contact is mostly healthy when it gives out the impression you are fine without your ex and that you can readily move on with your life. And this may be exactly what your ex would not want to happen.

While at it, try to pull yourself up again. Hang out with your friends. Get busy with all those things you used to do and love. Become that adorable person you were before you got devastated with the breakup. This should also apply to your partner as well. Let him/her grow up from the experience and have fun with life. Jealousy should not be an issue here. Do not allow jealousy to drive you away further from your partner.

Reintroducing Yourself

Now that you have learned to live a good life after your breakup, it’s now time to reintroduce yourself back into your partner’s world. This will definitely get you busy.

Start by altering your appearance. Sport a new hair and clothing. Make an impression that you have fully enjoyed yourself while at it. This should help reinforce what you want to present to your partner that you have already gotten over past the relationship. A subtle change would be ideal, instead of clumsily going over the top.

Reintroducing yourself also means having to stay on the right path of your objective. Your goal here should be to become that person that your ex fell in love with, just like that first day when love was felt in the air. To complete the package, you have to understand that the attraction was there simply because he/she felt good with you, and that you were able to fill up his/her emotional needs. Ask yourself if you have changed for the better, if you were able to correct those mistakes and bad habits that contributed to the breakup.

It would also do you good to make your ex feel comfortable around you by staying positive all the time. Smile a lot, laugh a lot. This is a very important part of how to win back your ex because it opens the way to start that long overdue relationship discussion. Express your regrets on why things did not work the way you both wanted it. Ask your ex for some perspective on what happened as well so all those loose ends will be tied up once and for all.


Think about what you have done that led to the breakup and apologize sincerely. Take full responsibility without any excuses. Forget the blame game. Show your ex that you have already moved on forward together. Show that you are more willing to build those foundations again and make them stronger this time around.

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