Body Building Info-The key to the success of bodybuilding is doing everything that you can do every day with consistency. If you’re in a harsh regimen of training and your nutrition program is supplying your body with all the calories and nutrients, which is able to get the most out of your supplement regime. This can give you a significant advantage. Bodybuilders often believe that the key to success is the supplement of bodybuilding in the absence of one of the aforementioned components, but missing the point. The best way to grow is to take the first in charge of his training and nutrition, and then compared supplementation with an additional advantage. Legal steroids for sale are available at the online store. It is providing a lot of benefit without any side-effects and harmful results. You can do a survey about the legal steroids to avoid the selection of the wrong one. It provides the body building results with complete nutrition and supplements.

When implementing a follow-up plan with dedication, you will get much more than him. We have collected daily to do list, and incorporate some, many or all the recommendations. You will be amazed how much better than muscle-building results when it is committed.

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Whey Protein To Start The Day

Enjoy a whey protein immediately after waking up in the morning. That he has been sleeping for a maximum of eight hours, so it does not have been providing your body with amino acids to build muscle, muscle maintenance and other bodily processes. Although sleep allows your body to grow and recover, which leads to a catabolic state in which the body breaks down muscle mass to obtain the necessary amino acids for conversion into energy. Buttermilk is one of the fastest to digest proteins, and you will be given your body the amino acids fuels and growth. This will prevent your body to become muscle amino acids. Boost growth since the start of the day, taking in some of whey protein in the morning, even before bathing or brushing your teeth.

Whey with water protein mixture to speed up digestion. At this time of day, avoid fats consumed, complex carbohydrates and fiber since it only delay the digestion and absorption of proteins, working against its objectives.


Enjoy 30 to 50 grams (g) of protein of serum to the awakening.

Multiply The Gains With A Multivitamin

Twenty minutes later, he had taken his shower and got dressed. Now, it is time for breakfast. You have given your body in an instant success of rapid digestion of proteins. Then, you should eat a meal of food that includes slow fuel combustion. Eat a breakfast consisting mainly in proteins (such as meat and eggs for breakfast) and complex (such as oats or whole grain bread) carbohydrates. One or two pieces of fruit is good at this time, also. Fructose fruit directly to replenish the reserves of glycogen in the liver, which shuts the catabolic processes and help you enter anabolic faster. In addition, taking a multivitamin/multimineral or package. (Simply shredded recommended packages, allowing you to adjust the dose of a food to another some multivitamins are too high in nutrients and very low in others.)

It is beneficial to take a multi with breakfast for two reasons: one is easier to digest and process these foods when consumed with a meal of whole foods, two, giving your body nutrients at the start of the day so that you can begin to support muscle growth and increase immunity.


Eat a breakfast made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and complex, and take your multivitamin/multimineral.

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You can also choose to take a fiber supplement at breakfast. Fiber provides a number of benefits for bodybuilding, including improving digestion and absorption of nutrients and amino acids. Fiber also slows digestion, helping the body to process proteins more slowly to give you more bangs for your pocket. It is not critical to take fiber at breakfast, but to do it, helping to delay the release of amino acids so it will remain available in the bloodstream until the next meal. In any case, should be taken with meals whole foods (or a protein shake) fiber before bedtime to more effectively reduce the release of amino acids. To increase fiber intake take another dose of a fiber supplement just before going to bed.

If it does, with its last daily protein shake, it will not only increase your fiber intake in general, but they also slow down the digestion of protein supplements. This will help keep amino acids that circulate in the bloodstream longer, helping to protect hard cattle muscle mass from the decomposition of the night.


Take a supplement of fiber with a minimum of 3 g of fiber at breakfast. Take another 3 g of fiber with or just before your protein shake last day.

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Caffeine is one of the most basic and most effective sport supplements. In that case, it is not surprising that it is also one of the best bodybuilding supplements. Caffeine is an excellent choice, no matter what stage of the bodybuilding season in is very good for growth, since it can help the intensity of promoting training and focus. It is also beneficial when you are trying to get rid of body fat, since it helps the body to eliminate fat storage and use as energy. Of course, excess caffeine can make you jittery and keeps you abreast of sleep. For best results, the supplement of caffeine once or twice a day, preferably early in the day.


Drink one or two cups of coffee or take 200-400 mg in a complementary way, especially before exercise. To combat fatigue, take 200 mg, as needed. Fat loss to go with 100-300 mg every four hours.

Create more muscle creatine

The benefits of creatine are well established. Take creatine before and after a workout can provide numerous benefits bodybuilding. First, creatine can help to drive the water in the muscles, helping them to be stronger temporary. When you train with more weight (and replays), stimulates more muscle growth. Second, after a workout, creatine can help drive the nutrients in muscle mass to facilitate a better recovery. In addition, more recent research is demonstrating that creatine offers antioxidant protection and can increase the benefits of cardiovascular training.For all these reasons, creatine is the number one bodybuilding supplement.


Take 2-3 g of creatine with a whey protein before exercising, and taking 2-3 g of creatine (for a total of about 5 g) with protein whey then.

Grow with glutamine

Along with creatine, glutamine is one of the best supplements for bodybuilding in the market. Glutamine is the most abundant in the body amino acid, and as such is used for multiple physiological processes. Among them, the glutamine offers the following advantages for bodybuilders, since it improves digestion, improves immunity and promotes recovery. Glutamine also provides energy by supplying the muscles with the important metabolic intermediates. In addition, it helps in the production of bicarbonate, cushioning the fatigue that produce chemicals formed during intense exercise.Glutamine helps the muscles to carry glycogen better after exercise. These reasons make it important to take supplement before and after exercise. Your body can manufacture this amino amino acids in your body, but to do so, removed them from storage, shedding muscle mass in the process. Supplementation with glutamine gives your body what you need without tearing the muscles that have worked so hard to build.


Take 50-10 g of glutamine before training and the same amount later. Add to glutamine whey or smoothie drink with water at other times of the day. Accumulation of the dose gradually, and keep the daily dose of less than 40 g.

Serum after training

One of the best things for your body is a whey protein before and after exercise. This is the time of day in which bodybuilders put greater nutritional demand on their bodies, and whey protein helps add more muscle mass. If you drink a whey protein before training, usually does not affect negatively the practice, because the serum is easy to digest. Also your body provides amino acids to help restore and increase muscle mass. Another movement of the right after exercise will begin recovery and growth at high speed processes. Take both with rapid digestion of carbohydrates (such as sugars, such as glucose, malto dextrin or Vitargo).These proteins of the unit (and creatine that also will have at that time) in the muscles and help replenish glycogen stores which burned during training.


Preschool, drink 20 to 40 g of 40 to 80 g of carbohydrates simple whey protein. After the workout, drink it. You can add glutamine and creatine to the mix, as described above.

Increase antioxidants

When trains hard or put your body under another type of strain, creating free radicals. Such as vitamins C and E, antioxidants can fight free radicals and help maintain the muscles in growth. Your multivitamin likely is that already contains the basic nutrients, but with a second dose at the end of the day is a great way to ensure the availability of vitamins for the benefits of bodybuilding. Therefore, to include an additional dose of these antioxidants in dinner (or with your milkshake whey after training), since they are more effective when taken in conjunction with the calories.


Consume 500 mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin E with a great dinner of whole-grain foods or after training with a sacudida (batido de prote).

Product Z with zinc and magnesium

Bodybuilders and other athletes are notoriously deficient in zinc and magnesium. The demands of training increase the need for the body of these minerals. In addition, minerals tend to lose through sweat, creating one even greater deficit. Taking zinc and magnesium formulation, such as ZMA, can help to overcome the effects of overtraining and it can increase the levels of anabolic, as free testosterone and insulin-like factor-1 growth hormones. Those hormones otherwise will be suppressed in hard training athletes. ZMA can also improve the quality of sleep (therefore, also help the recovery). Note that ZMA work more effectively on an empty stomach, especially in the absence of calcium. If necessary, it can be taken with a protein shake, but you will get results much better if you can take ZMA half an hour or so before the shake (training).


Supplement ZMA on an empty stomach approximately half an hour before the last shake of the protein of the day. Follow the instructions on the label. Most of the products provide 30 mg of zinc, 450 mg of magnesium and about 11 mg vitamin [B.sub.6].

The case of casein

Protein casein, whey protein, is a fraction of the milk protein. Unlike buttermilk, case of the protein is digested slowly. Consume a fast protein digestion around their training and when they wake up, but emphasize protein digestion slow at other times of the day. Probably the most important time to take in a slow digestion protein is just before bedtime, because that can go eight or more hours without eating. Longer it can keep the amino acids in the blood; it is less likely that your body is to take your muscle mass to your needs amino. You can also use casein as a meal replacement when you cannot get in a whole meal, the food needed to feed their nutrients but you are looking for is to provide your body with a slow and constant source of amino acids.


Have between 30 and 50 g of protein from casein, with or without carbohydrates just before bedtime. Those who try to shed body fat should avoid carbohydrates, which try to add a size should consume carbohydrates (up to 50 g).

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