There are many people who eat healthy, live healthy and exercise daily but do not have the slim, trim figure that you would expect. It turns out that even after doing all that you are supposed to live a healthy, slimmer life; you may not be able to shed all those pounds. Let’s find out why.

It’s all in your genes

Weight loss pills have been known for their effectiveness in successfully reducing the body weight and then increasing metabolism of the body to a person can remain fit and active all day. No matter what you do, you could always be on the heavy side. This is because nearly 16% of the population has two copies of the FTO gene and nearly half of us have one copy. These genes add a few pounds here and there which all add up. But not to worry, big is good as long as you exercise.

The Amount of fat cells matters

Sadly, some people do have more fat cells than others. So even if you lose weight, your fat cell count can remain, holding on to the fat already stored inside. To make matter worse, the fat cells of obese people hold more fat than others. It’s not that bad though. It’s better to have more fat cells than to have fewer fat cells that can become overstuffed.

Change your Metabolism

Did you know that you could change your metabolism? Studies show that gaining as little as eleven pounds can slow down the rate of metabolism in your body and this could lead to a never ending tale of weight loss. The more you gain, the harder it is to lose it. The only answer to this is to exercise.


When your body takes on stress, you end up gaining weight. It could be work pressure or stress from other factors, but when we stress out, we crave carbohydrate-rich snack foods to comfort us. It does work. Stress hormones also make us store fat. This could be a throwback to caveman days when stress was brought on due to drought or predator sin the area. A quick storage of fat helped our prehistoric ancestors to get through food shortages or to war. The only problem is that today we have the same thing happening, it’s just we don’t go to war or starve, we just sit and this means ‘tummy time’ will happen.

What your mom eats while you’re still in the womb matters

Studies show that what our mothers consume while we’re in the womb can affect our health at a later life. It stands to reason that if mothers drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, it can negatively impact their unborn child, similarly eating unhealthy foods, sugary and fatty foods can cause children to be obese later in life.

Sleep is the best medicine

Many weight management doctors will suggest for their patients to get a good night’s rest rather than prescribing pills because for many problems, sleep is the best solution. This is because our body repairs itself while we sleep. Also, if we don’t get enough shut eye, we face a hormone unbalance which leads to a leptin decrease (this helps your body know its full) and a ghrelin increase (this triggers your hunger). So, we eat more because we think our bodies are hungry even when they aren’t. Therefore, sleep really is one of the best medicines to obesity.

Spousal Weight matters

Misery as well as joy loves company, so if your partner is obese, chances are high that you will face obesity as well. If your partner loses weight, it may trigger you to lose weight too. So you should encourage your partners to lose weight so it can be a partnership in losing weight too!

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