You believe that horror flick you watched or that haunted residence you checked out was scary? The most horrifying point I’ve ever viewed was not generated by Wes Craven or located in a style park, it’s just what I view some folks do to themselves to burn fat. If you’re effortlessly grossed-out, take an appearance at these SEVEN terrifying diet plans … yet viewers beware! But never get doubtful about the Best Appetite Suppressant.

Eating Tube Diet

It’s called the KE diet plan, and it vows that you’ll lose 20 pounds in 10 days. Sold to brides-to-be as a quick method to lose the last 10, 15 or 20 pounds just before the wedding event, it includes putting a feeding tube into the nose that goes to the tummy.

The dieter (“sufferer?”) is fed a sluggish, stable drip of healthy protein and body fat, amounting to 800 calories daily, and no carbohydrates. The pitch for this insane program says that it’s secure and physician supervised, although the patient is not hospitalized during the diet– they carry the meals remedy around with them.

Tapeworm Diet

Although this one is so terrifying maybe a perfect means for a horror flick villain to slowly torture his sufferers to fatality, the tapeworm diet regimen actually has been used for weight-loss (city tale states Maria Callas did it). It involved spotlight when the Tyra Banks show did a “gross-out” area regarding the diet. Audience participants wriggled as the physician took a 15 foot tapeworm from a jar live on cam.

Getting these bloodsuckers for fat burning is prohibited in the USA and not approved by the FDA, however you can supposedly order (illegally) from nations like Venezuela or visit Mexico and pay a couple grand for beef tapeworm worm larvae.

Tongue Patch Diet

This is really twisted. I am not joking– this makes me think about among those horror movies with the crazy doctors that perform threatening clinical experiments.

Baseding on an ABC information tale, a doctor in Venezuela has done 800 of these treatments which involves sewing a spot of plastic mesh onto their tongues. If you try to eat with the area attached, the patch makes it hard to ingest or consume– it also induces pain.

A cosmetic specialist in California brought the treatment to the United States after seeing it in Latin America. The physician asks for $2000 for the procedure and assures 18 to 20 pounds of weight-loss in 30 days.

Just how do you acquire any type of nutrition or calorie nourishment? The procedure uses an 800-calorie daily liquid diet plan of shakes and alcoholic beverages until the spot comes off.

HCG Diet

Yes, I’ve discussed this in the past considering that it’s my favorite diet regimen to dislike, however no listing of horrifying diet regimens would be comprehensive without it. HCG is not a brand-new one– it’s been around considering that the 1950 â² s, but there was a renewal of the HCG diet plan over the last several years and it’s still out there, advertised in publications, on sites or even in physicians clinics. Those diabolical docs make big cash selling this things.

The Cigarette (and nicotine) Diet

I was always surprised at the amount of weight lifters smoke. Regularly, I would stroll outside after a muscle building competition and to my astonishment see entire groups of competitors blowing away. Whether they continuouslied smoke because they felt it was less complicated to obtain lean, I don’t understand, yet we’ve all read about exactly how folks have problem with weight gain when they kick the cigarette smoking behavior.

The Last Chance Diet

Fortunately, this one is not around anymore, however a little history session might be useful (You recognize exactly what they claim regarding falling short to gain from mistakes of past and being doomed to repeat them, right?).

Like so numerous various other diet regimens, Linn cooked up an unique drink. Some tales about the Last Chance diet say it was a “400 calorie fluid amino acid drink” and while the 400 calories each day certifies as a harmful malnourishment diet regimen by itself, the term “liquid protein” doesn’t raise too many alarms for the majority of people these days.

This alcoholic beverage had not been among those yummy delicious chocolate peanut butter whey healthy protein smoothies you can acquire today down at your neighborhood Muscle Maker Grill. According to one diet testimonial site, the liquid protein was made from “slaughterhouse leftover results like smashed meat horns, unguis, hides, bones and ligaments. Artificial flavors, enzymes and colors are contributed to make the alcoholic beverage much more attractive.


There are many suppressants and food supplements which are openly getting sold and are nothing but just a fraud to cheat people with their money. The products don’t help the body and instead it may harm you or do nothing just waste your money. So, beware of the fake products.

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