Dry skin can be a nuisance for dogs, causing itching and irritation that can take away from their overall quality of life. When it comes to finding the best dog shampoos for dry skin in 2023, pet owners have plenty of options to choose from. With so many different products on the market, however, it can be difficult to know which one will offer the most relief and prevention of further dryness. In this article, we’ll discuss three of the best dog shampoos for dry skin in 2023 and provide some useful tips on how to find the perfect skin soother for dogs. 

1: Natural ingredients matter

When looking for a good shampoo to help with dry dog skin, natural ingredients are key. Using botanical oils and extracts, these shampoos will help nourish your pup’s coat while moisturising his flaky skin. Look for ingredients such as aloe vera extract, shea butter, coconut oil, oatmeal extract and jojoba oil, all of which work together to create a luxurious lather that cleans without stripping essential moisture from your pet’s delicate coat. 

2: Consider an SLS-free shampoo 

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is an ingredient commonly found in human shampoos, but should be avoided when shopping for a dog shampoo as its harsh cleansing properties can strip essential oils from their coat, leaving them feeling drier than before they were washed. Instead, look for an SLS-free formula that uses gentle cleansers such as cocamidopropyl betaine or decyl glucoside, like this hypoallergenic, all-natural shampoo from Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care line.  

3: pH balanced formulas are also important 

Another important factor to consider when choosing a shampoo specifically formulated to treat dry skin is its pH balance. Many human shampoos have very high alkaline levels, which can actually make things worse when used on pets as their coats are more acidic than ours (and therefore require more acid). To ensure you don’t inadvertently damage your pup’s coat with overly alkaline formulas, look for balanced pH formulas such as Purplebone’s Oatmeal Shampoo, which is specially formulated with natural ingredients that won’t disrupt your pet’s delicate protective layer of sebum (the natural oil produced by their hair follicles).  

4: Avoid fragrances if possible 

Fragrances may smell nice, but they’re often loaded with artificial chemicals that can irritate dogs’ already sensitive skin, leading to further discomfort and scratching after a bath – not what you want! Instead, look for unscented versions such as Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo, whose simple blend of colloidal oatmeal and vitamin E works wonders at soothing irritated skin without any harsh additives to get in the way.  

5: Choose the right brush for post-bath grooming 

As well as choosing the right shampoo, it’s important to choose the right brush for post-bath grooming; certain breeds need finer bristles, while longer-haired breeds benefit more from brushes with wider spaces between the teeth, so do your research before you buy! If you’re still unsure, ask the experts at your local pet store, who should be able to advise you on everything you need, including special combs for de-shedding – something every long-haired dog needs now and again! 


6: Talk to your vet about any persistent problems 

If, despite all these steps, your four-legged friend still seems to be plagued by excessively dry or inflamed patches, then it’s time to seek veterinary advice, as there may be underlying medical causes (such as allergies or parasites) that need to be addressed before anything else is tackled topically via external creams/shampoos etc.

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