I tease my mom that she never read me fairy tales when I was growing up – – my excuse for not knowing many of the major stories (or nursery rhymes or fables!). That’s one of the reasons I’m so fond of the Fairy Tale Tarot; not only do I get to walk around with an accurate muse on my iPod Touch, I get to re-learn all those wonderful fairy tales. In my personal opinion, it is the best online psychic reading website, and I prefer to read many books again and again online, which provide me with a lot of adventure.

The Artwork

The stunning artwork is that of Lisa Hunt and as published by Llewellyn Publications. Like the Mystic Faerie Tarot app that I reviewed earlier, the colour and clarity of each card are truly brilliant. I have several Tarot apps coming up for review, and I have to say the Tarot apps done by Garlic Software are consistent in the high quality of the display. (Click images to enlarge). And I got many more things to see on the best online psychic website, which I m going to share with you all further articles.

The Screens

When you first fire up Fairy Tale Tarot, the home screen displays the categories of available spreads, such as Life Path, Love, Money, every day, and a blank space to type in your question. Along the bottom of the screen are the controls for Settings, History, Browse and Play. Each time you do a reading, your question and the spread are saved in the History folder.

The Settings page lets you set the saved history length (from 0 to 50), whether you want to use reversed cards, and if you want to show a description of the layout in the spread info.

The Browse button has a list of every card in the deck; tap to see a large version of the card along with a lengthy note about the fairy tale the card came from, the symbols and meanings of that card.

The Spreads

Fairy Tale Tarot has four basic layouts: Celtic Cross, Keys to the Kingdom (I love this one), Motif of Three, and a One-Card Reflection. A tap by each spread name will launch a screen that visually shows the layout and the meaning of each position.

Once you select a layout, tap the Begin button, and your reading pops up on the screen. Tap the “1″ in the upper right corner to toggle each card being numbered with its position in the spread. Tap each card to enlarge it, read the fairy tale, symbols and meaning. Tap the “i” in the lower right corner to read the entire spread on one screen, minus the images.

My Thoughts

As noted in a previous review, I’m not a big fan of automated Tarot readings, but I find the accuracy of the Fairy Tale Tarot app far better than I ever expected. If I’m on the run and get a call from someone who needs an instant answer, I don’t hesitate to pull out my iPod Touch and use this app. Not only do I have another useable oracle, but I’m also relearning those fairy tales!

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