The time when Swarovski crystals were used only for embellishing jewels is now in the past. Today human imagination and abilities know no bounds. We often happen to witness strange designer ideas, but being true to fashion and style, we are in no hesitation to attain the latest designer products, no matter how weird they may have seemed at first. However, not everyone can afford to get the objects discussed here. They have no uniqueness in themselves. The factors responsible for their high price are the materials they are made from and their lavish decoration of hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

Those of you who are fans of hard liquor will likely be interested in the limited edition vodka Swarovski Alize. The alcohol in the bottle is more of a cocktail, a combination of vodka, cognac, papaya, lychee, strawberry and rose. It is and incredible Valentine’s Day gift. What makes it special is the unique bottle, decorated with a multitude of pink Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately, the price of one bottle is $2000. If you think this is the most expensive vodka in the world, well, you are wrong. For the modest sum of $6000 you can secure yourself a bottle of the so called Oval Vodka. Its high price is due to the 7000 Swarovski crystals embellishing the bottle. It is an interesting fact that this vodka is mass production and can be found in every luxurious bar in the world.

Technology is also not what it used to be. Swarovski crystals have taken the computer world as well. A computer mouse shaped like a tiny car and decorated with small crystals will most likely catch any lady’s attention. This mouse is barely 19mm long. The details are so precise that the mouse-car even has a tiny trunk which can be opened.

For interior designers there is a screen decorated in Swarovski crystals. The idea of the design is influenced by the tales of Scheherazade. The screen is blue, imitating a dark night sky with Swarovski crystal stars sparkling beautifully. This product is one-of-a-kind and has never been widely available.

The next product is designed especially for ladies. It is a bra worth the astonishing $20,011. It is fashioned out of golden elements and the Swarovski crystals with which it is decorated give it extra spark as well as raise its price.

The last entry on our list is reserved for the most expensive bicycle in the world. The Scandinavian company decided to be creative and make 10 bicycles out of pure gold. As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to give them some more luxurious shine by decorating them with 600 Swarovski crystals each. Contrary to all expectations, the company has already sold 5 of the bicycles. Surely, κολιε γυναικεια are one of the precious things in the world.

Swarovski crystals appear in ever more fascinating places. Bicycles, bottles, clothes… What will the next designer whim be? We will only have to wait and see.

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