The play season is here and we have many games to look forward to during the summer season but today we shall focus on an important one that many folks are unaware of as it pertains to the tennis family.

When you think of tennis, you think of internationally renowned players you have Roger Federer, Leander Peas, Serena Williams and their ilk where you can think about the name they have established.

However, we’ll keep the discussion on a domestic level instead of going international because apart from tennis, we also have badminton that is quite a popular sport to play as an outdoor game with your near and dear ones and understand the concept of pickle ball concept.

Starters Up

The tennis venture is a hard boiled one where you need racquets and shuttlecocks to play a nice long game but pickle ball paddle is an important tool you need to have in mind and most people would be confused by the term so let’s see what exactly it means.

Pickle ball is a combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton but the strong points involved in the tips and tricks are applicable to all the gaming ventures where if you want a starter up discussion, you’ll have to look up the basic structure involved in tennis as a whole.

There is a time and place for everything so if you want to become an expert in the pickle ball field, you need extensive practice to work wonders in the game and we all know that practice makes a man perfect and so it holds true in the field of sports as well.

When you’re making a serve and swinging at the racquet to hit the shuttlecock, you need to have a firm grip on it so that it moves at a lightning pace and thereby countered by the other player.

Every great tennis player in history goes through rigorous training and practice as he/she starts out as nothing more than ordinary people like us and if they can do it, so can we but only if we have a passion for it and want to be known as a national or international player.

Types of Grip

Apart from having the best pickle ball rackets available, the types of grip that you need to know about is important so that you might become a force to be reckoned with in the game.

The first one that comes to mind is the neutral grip where you can get most of the shots in pickle ball but if you’re an expert at forehand and backhand shots then it is a job well done.

Then we have the strong grip that is used for aggressive shots so you need to have a strong fist in order to have an iron clad grip on the racket so that it can be used for a smash strike that sends the shuttlecock as far as possible.

So if you have a firm hand with the racket in the literal sense, then you can become an expert player in pickle ball.

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