A pan tilt zoom CCTV camera is a special type of surveillance security camera that enables both home and business owners to view virtually all points within and without their property remotely. Also referred to as PTZ cameras, they are suitable for supervising or monitoring a project location situated in a different geographical region. Some of the benefits that a PTZ camera offers users are:

– Capacity to view live video feeds.

– Remote camera control.

Remote camera control is a feature that can be accessed so long as the user has access to internet connection. Comprehensive lists of benefits that PTZ cameras provide are illustrated herein:

Advantages of a Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Camera or a PTZ Camera

Autonomous Watch and Tracing

PTZ security surveillance cameras and pasang cctv can be configured to trail locations which the user spells out and can actually find the movements of dubious characters or automobiles if the surveillance security system makes use of an analytical device.

More-than-one Alarm Key-in

The surveillance security system has been designed with three different alarm key-in points. These are:

Motion detectors Door contact Glass break sensor

Additional sensors can be included upon user request, e.g. smoke detector for securing the house against possibilities of fire and gas sensors to detect gas leakages amongst others. The installation of sensors can be done at strategic locations within the house. These have to be high risk areas where intrusion and other forms of threats are likely to occur.

Dim Light Capability

A pan tilt zoom CCTV camera is automatically pre-built with IR capabilities. As such, in low light conditions, the surveillance automatically changes modes which ensure total security in spite of light conditions.


What makes PTZ cameras a success is their ability to be concealed. Dome cameras which are often regarded as some of the smallest are actually bigger than PTZ cameras.

Burglar Proof

By virtue of installation, PTZ cameras are burglar proof. During the installation process, the surveillance cameras are fixed high above the ground where making it harder for individuals with wary motives not to reach them with ease. Furthermore, the high installation does not compromise captured images. PTZ cameras are also built with versatile materials that are hard to damage with stones.

Weather Proof

A pan tilt zoom CCTV camera is pre-built with an all weather proof material which ensures that the camera is safeguarded from weather elements, i.e. cold, heat and moisture. Consequently, the camera can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Powerful Zoom

What makes PTZ surveillance security camera stand out above the rest is its powerful zoom. It is for this reason that the camera can still generate quality images despite being installed on higher surfaces.

Rapid Tilt

The phrase pan tilt was derived from the ability of the camera to turn with ease in multiple directions. In as much as some people may question the ability of the camera to change views of different locations within the required time, truth be told the tilt speed is so fast that it can tilt to different directions in splits of seconds. Moreover, despite of the tilt speed, the user still has control of focus.

Automatic Focus

Automatic focus is a feature that lets the PTZ surveillance security camera to automatically adjust focus on the image being captured without user input. Therefore, you do not have to worry about fuzzy images being recorded.

Remote Control Options

PTZ surveillance security cameras are designed with multiple remote control options which in turn offer users with the flexibility on control.

How to select the right pan tilt zoom CCTV camera?

PTZ surveillance security cameras are available in the market in different models and designs. Each has a capability and feature that differs from the other. Therefore it is critical for home and business owners to carryout market research on the different models available for sale. This needs to be done against the backdrop of their specific security needs

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