Finally there is a way for people to give Minecraft as a gift during the holidays or any other time of the year, without being forced to create an account with Mojang. Mojang just announced that they will be selling prepaid Minecraft gift card at three of the most popular retailers in North America; Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

The purchasing of the mc alts should be from the prepaid card to avoid any money loss. It is the best gift available to the players to have the best server available. The choosing of the reputed and licensed retailer is the right choice for the creation of the Minecraft server.

Whereas in the past you would need to buy the disc based, boxed version of Minecraft for your favorite gamer, you can now buy a simple Minecraft card for $26.95. This card will contain a download code that doesn’t require a Mojang account to purchase. The person who uses the card will still need to have a Mojang account, however, to redeem this code.

This new prepaid card method of purchase for the PC version will definitely address the people who have complained in the past about needing to make the purchase online. It’s also perfect for parents and relatives who don’t want to make an account with Mojang in order to buy something they will never use. Don’t worry though, there will still be online methods of purchase for those who prefer the old option.

As we reported on last week, Minecraft developer Notch Persson recently let it out that he may not make Minecraft viable with Windows 8 due to his feelings about the PC remaining an open platform. He made it clear that he would rather not allow the game to be Windows 8 certified rather than follow the many arbitrary rules involved with this certification.

In other Minecraft news, 4J studios announced on Twitter recently that the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft had surpassed 4 million dollars in sales. This version, which costs 1600 MS points, was released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade back in May and created over a million sales world-wide within 5 days, which was a resounding success for 4J Studios. Right now they are averaging almost 30,000 sales each day and may reach 5 million by the beginning of 2013.

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