Many people start out on a program with no direct plan on what they want to achieve or how they are going to do it. That’s why many people fail at losing Fat. It isn’t necessarily a lack of willpower but the inability to follow a dream with no direction. You wouldn’t expect yourself to be able to drive somewhere you’ve never been before without a map, would you?

To begin the process known as goal setting, you must first find your motivation. This will be the thing that keeps you going when you want to quit. This will be the thing that forces you to take a good, hard look in the mirror when you don’t feel like pushing yourself further. Maybe you have a special occasion that you absolutely need to look great for or a medical condition that requires you to lose fat. Either way right now is the perfect time to make this goal stick.

Once you have identified your motivations, you can continue the process by creating a specific goal that is attainable but requires dedication to do it. An example could be to do your cardio workout three times per week or add Acidaburn to your diet plan. This is an easily achievable goal but will require you to dedicate your time to make it happen.

Make your goal into a scheduled event by creating a journal and scheduler to put your goals in and set time frames with. Give yourself a four to the six-week window to accomplish your current goal before moving onto a new one. A fitness journal can be more than just a place to write your goals – write about the emotions you feel before, during, and after you accomplish a goal to help entice you to push on.

The idea behind the journal is to set up a series of goals, realistic and accomplishable, over the course of four to six weeks which will provide an incentive to keep working hard. For example, in weeks one and two, you are going to perform a cardiovascular workout three times per week for 30 minutes with at least two strength-training sessions to lose 2 – 4 pounds. Week three and four, you are going to increase the workout frequency to 45 minutes along with three strength training workouts for a total loss of 6 – 7 pounds. Week five and six, you are going to increase your strength training sessions to a total of four per week with four cardiovascular sessions, and begin increasing the intensity of your workout to lose a total of 10 pounds. These goals are achievable, realistic, and best of all will produce the results you are looking for with hard work.

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