Well, my last post caused quite a buzz, haha. No pun intended. No seriously, there must be a bazillion people that search for the term “vibrator”. I received all kinds of wacky traffic. Who would have thought?

But today we are back to the norm. If there is a norm around here! I have to vent a bit this morning. Why is it that every time I hear the word “diabetes” it is a negative or gosh-awful tone that leaves a sour look on one’s face? I mean seriously… I don’t expect one to say, “I have diabetes and it is the best thing ever. I am so darn happy!”, but I also don’t expect to continually hear, “My uncle is very sick. He is dying. He has diabetes”. It is not diabetes that is killing him but the complications that occur due to the disease process, right?

I am just so sick of hearing patients, co-workers, and everyday people talking about diabetes like it is an automatic death sentence. Yes, it can be life-altering, troublesome, worrisome, and inconvenient but it can also be a very manageable disease that you can live with for a very, very, very long time as we now have supplements and pills like Sugar balance, click here to check the sugar balance price.

I usually bite my tongue and just smile, cause that’s what we nurses are taught to do for the most part, but I feel like I’m gonna blow the next time I hear a broad, generalized statement like such. I am going to say, “Well I have diabetes and I am living a wonderful life with kids and a husband and friends and I walk and go to the gym and hang out with friends and smile and laugh…”. You get the point.

Do you ever feel like giving someone a quick comeback or a snappy remark when you hear such talk? Do you feel like shoving your insulin pump in their face and saying, “yes, life is good”? Just some questions, haha. Do you feel my pain? I hope you’ll have a great day!

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