Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become such an integral part of financial transactions all over the world, especially for those carried out digitally. This trend is being facilitated by the development of the blockchain technology, which enables anyone from any part of the world to access the records of any transaction as long as he is connected to the internet. Yes, it is indeed easy to access any transaction, but not to confirm whose transaction it actually is or who is responsible to make and receive the payment.

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It is not that simple to confirm the detailed information on the parties involved in digital transactions, or should I say it was not. Meet ICO Pass, a Latvian-based ICO confirming machine which allows users to confirm any transaction at ease.

While it is easy to get our hands on cryptocurrencies, sometimes we need to get through the complicated process to exchange those into cash. This is where ICO Pass comes into play, as the system simplifies thise cashing out the system and help you save much more time. This would surely allow you to capitalize on your time much better, and run the business much faster.

How Does ICO Pass Work?

In the midst of the increasingly trending digital transactions, it is essential for people to be able to confirm the source of the payment and to whom the payment is targeted into. This is where ICO Pass plays its part. ICO Pass follows the famous global banking policy called Know Your Customer (KYC) concept, in which the system helps users to track down the important details of the parties involved in the transaction, including information on their full name, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile phone number, nationality and country of residence, address of residency, photo of ID document, and photo of person.

This becomes important because it could add an integral point for any digital transaction; trust. Trust indeed becomes what people seek from a digital transaction. A transaction without trust will most likely not be pursued by people because they would not want to give their money to parties who would just go away after receiving it. Therefore, ICO Pass will be really helpful for users to confirm whether the parties they conduct the transaction with are trustworthy or not, giving them more faith and trust when executing the transaction with these parties.

ICO Pass Concept

Checking the validity of the parties within the transaction is not something that we should do, rather it is something that we must do, just like what ICO Pass’ CTO Dmitris Dementjevs-Dedelis said. He believes that if a digital transaction lacks this process, it would mean a red flag.

The KYC concept indeed is essential in providing the trust and faith that a digital transaction should have, and ICO Pass could serve this function perfectly. By installing this system, we could do online transactions without having to worry about the parties we are doing a transaction with. Just do our part, as ICO Pass will do the rest.

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