Can you think of your life without money? Without a doubt, money please an essential role for everybody. If you want to buy something or sell them without money, it won’t be possible. In the modern era, people are more into internet service when it comes to paying. Most of you always go with real money to pay for anything. 

But, here, you will be going to discuss another way of transaction known as cryptocurrency. If you’re not aware of this, then it has been used by people for a long time. The safe and secure method to pay whenever and wherever on Although, you have to go for some exchange to buy cryptocurrency. 

It is not a complex process to buy something like cryptocurrency. You do include many benefits, and people can make transactions virtually. The main feature here the currency is also in the form of tokens that have their own role. Let’s discuss the new feature of Twitter.

  • To take the best use of Twitter’s new Bitcoin, you first have to download an app named strike up. After downloading, sign up for it for keeping yourself engaged on the app. The notable feature of the app as it is available on all the devices such as android, iOS and more.
  • After that, you have to deposit the bitcoin that you want to make transact in somebody else’s account. It is the best way to transit money because it takes a complete guarantee of the security of the person. That means that the phones are completely safe and secure on the app.
  • Moving further, make sure you are existing from Twitter and moving back to your profile which you have made at the very first step. Select a person you want to send money to by clicking on the option money I can. After clicking the option, it will show you about a holder and give its complete description.
  • The best part about the others is you can send money with the help of the app, but most importantly, you can write a short note along with that that is one of the great options. After clicking on the money Icon, you have to click on next and add a short message that will proceed further.
  • Last but not least, to confirm your payment, you have to click on the option named wallet. It will show you everything that you desire to watch, basically the first page that reveals the payment you have added. Click on confirm payment, and it will proceed like you are making money in a real bank account.

Cryptocurrency has been taken into use by people for a long time because of its popularity. Nowadays, people belonging to distant countries are using cryptocurrency on a regular basis. The new feature was introduced on Twitter that has its unique speciality. The above is the entire use of the currency that gives you enough information.

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