First, it was J. Lo who captivated the world (men especially) with her bottom, which came to be known as the ‘world’s sexiest butt.’ Then the likes of Beyonce and Shakira came…female pop and hip-hop stars that floored the whole world with their stimulating music videos where they strut and move their tight butts.

Yes, a big, toned butt is sexy; it is very feminine; and it will always be a major turn-on! If you’re always day-dreaming about having a bum that’s as tight and sexy as J. Lo’s and Beyonce’s, then read on. I’ll show you four healthy workouts and exercises that will make your man’s jaw drop…even if your back is turned on him! Want to lose fat, get yourself the best fat burner.

Butt Exercise #1: Thera-Band Exercise

For those of you who’re unfamiliar with this exercise tool, it’s a resistance band made of latex that’s been built from the ground up for physical therapy and light strength training exercises. And you don’t have to go far to find one. Give a quick visit at your local sports and fitness store; and you should find one.

Moving forward, place the thera-band just above your ankles and fix the noose. By the way, these therapy bands come with different strengths and resistance levels. Pick one that you are comfortable with – not too loose (defeats the purpose of the exercise) but tight enough to make you sweat.

Here are the steps: (1) First, bow your left or right leg slightly. (2) Tense your body to maintain your balance. (3) Move your other leg further back; keep it in that position for a couple of seconds; and move it back to its starting position. (4) Rinse and repeat, but this time, use your other leg.

7-10 repetitions/leg and 3 sets should give you give your butt that much needed exercise and can even help you lose weight!

Butt Exercise #2: Squats

Ask any fitness expert or personal trainer worth his salt, and they will tell you that squats are one of the best gluteus exercises ever known to man. But let’s take it a bit further: let’s add a pair of dumbbells to maximize the effect!

Here’s how:

(1) Grip two dumbbells with your hands while keeping your feet spread out (slightly wider than your shoulder’s width).

(2) Bend your knees, but do it in a way that it’s vertically lined-up with your toes, and keep your toes and knees turned outward at a slight angle.

(3) Next, squeeze your butt’s muscles and lower your butt. Doing so will bend your knees, but keep in mind that they should not extend beyond your toes.

(4) While doing the steps above, focus on keeping your back as straight and as tall as possible…and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold that position for a few seconds.

(5) When moving back to your original upright position, focus on using your gluteus muscles rather than your thighs. Do this exercise for 2 sets with 8 reps each.

Butt Exercise #3: Front Lunges

To perform this exercise, start by stepping your right foot forward and bending your right knee until your thigh and calf form a 90-degree angle. Next, push off your right foot to assume the starting position. Now, this is important: as you raise your whole body back to its upright position, tighten your butt and use your thigh and calf muscles. By the way, do so in a slow manner.

Butt Exercise #4: Toe Touch

This one is very straightforward, but it’s very effective too! Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, bend your hips forward until your back is parallel to the floor. Keep your arms straight and your fingertips pointing to the floor. Return to the original upright position…and that’s it!


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