Sometimes it becomes difficult to write down your thoughts into words on a piece of paper because it isn’t easy to gather your imagination into one fold due to the fact that mind travels faster than the speed of light, which is why the ones that do it on a constant basis are termed genius.

However, this topic is neither to easy nor too difficult as firewood is not something that can be categorized as such but you can definitely conjure words through carefully studying through what it is all about.

In this piece of writing, we shall discuss the two important classifications of σκουλαρικια so that people would understand the basic theory as to how firewood can be put to use as most people see it as nothing more than a piece of wood.

Hardwood and Softwood

Firewood is classified into hardwood and softwood where the former comes from dicotyledons, trees that originate from dicot trees grown in tropical forests but the ones that are found in hot climatic places are deciduous in nature while those found in tropical regions are evergreen.

The source that hardwood originates from is angiosperm trees that are reproduced through flowers and therefore have broader and shinier leaves that tend to shed during autumn season at a quicker pace.

The dormancy rate is pretty high for them during winter season but the ones found in tropical climate shed their leaves during seasonal droughts given the fact that they have a harder and complex structure, which is why they take a little time to grow with a rather slower process.

Softwood is taken from gymnosperm trees that include pine but just because of the name, you cannot say that they are softer than hardwood where the actual hardness comes with different variations.

You can find examples of hardwood like balsa that are quite soft in comparison to most hardwood while the hardest form of hardwood is harder compared to most softwood.

Softwood is used in the construction industry where it produces card and paper products through paper pulp, which has a high rate of density that makes them highly resistant to termites and other insects as they are quite fond of feeding off wood.

Many readers would be astonished to know that nearly 85% of timber that is produced in the world comes from softwood where you can find different production centers in North America, China and different parts of Europe.

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