Swollen gums and sore cheeks are common symptoms of periodontal disease, also known as gingivitis. This is an uncomfortable, even painful condition that can typically be prevented with good oral hygiene. Once the disease has taken root in your mouth, it can be treated with a thorough deep dental cleaning and with the use of an antiseptic mouth wash.

Cheeks and gum disease is actually a very common occurrence among dental patients who have neglected their routine dental care and regular cleanings. The plaque will build up between teeth and along the gum lines and become infected, leading to swollen Cheeks and gums, sensitivity, discomfort, and even bleeding. Left untreated gingivitis can lead to even more serious, unhealthy dental conditions.

See it here how you can maintain proper dental hygiene and ensure that you are practicing proper oral hygiene procedures, it is recommended that you establish a good tooth cleaning routine at home. You need to brush your teeth regularly and floss between teeth. Mouthwash helps to kill the germs and bacteria that attach to your gums and teeth and cause periodontal disease. Taking good care of your teeth at home will go a long way toward preventing Cheeks and gum disease. However, even the best home dental care is not enough to keep plaque from building up and causing problems. Routine dental cleanings by a licensed, professional dental hygienist are the best way to prevent gum disease.

Your certified dental hygienist at Cambridge’s leading dental clinic in Cambridge, MA can provide outstanding preventative oral health care. During your routine dental exam at Fresh Pond Dental, you will normally receive a standard dental cleaning. If your dental examination reveals that tartar has made its way beneath the gum line to the root of the tooth, then full mouth deep scaling will take care of the problem for you.

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