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Knowing in details about the practices of Shincheonji

The temple of faith

The globe is filled with places of worship and their strong beliefs in holding the world together. One amongst them is Shincheonji. With the stronghold of belief, some people also call it by other names, like God’s Kingdom, Heaven on earth, Church of Jesus, Tabernacle of Testimony, and many more. It is believed to hold the place of ultimate salvation and provide the right paths to the people. Along with the religious activities, this South-Korean-based Church is extensively involved in community service. Read on to find more about it and contribute to making the planet a better place.

The details

The following are some of the fine details about Shincheonji that need to be understood:

  • The Church of Jesus works for the sole purpose of healing the world and abiding by the regulations perceived in the Revelation. The will of God is given utmost importance, and hence hate has no place within the region. 
  • The Church’s design symbolizes the description of heaven in the Bible and has the official trademark of the throne as per the remnants in Bible. 
  • The mark on the throne is holy and holds a deep meaning on each of the symbols within the same. The two outer rings represent heaven and earth, square within the circle as the Kingdom of God (Holy city of Jerusalem), red and blue around the center as symbols of God, cross in the middle as Jesus’s cross, water flow as the flow of life on earth, 12 gates as the 12 tribes that are associated with the order, and finally the trees inside of the temple as the 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel (which bear different kinds of fruits). 
  • The entire symbol stands as a new heaven and a new earth, i.e., combining both of these entities for creating the true image of God and how the spiritual realm is taking shape as per the visionary pastor. 
  • The Tabernacle of Testimony represents the holy house where God is worshipped, and all nations are welcome to heal their wounds. 

Such is the deep meaning hidden within the Church.

The rich culture of social service

Along with the religious works, Shincheonji also symbolizes the culture of social service followed by the devotees. The following elucidates on the firm beliefs held by them:

  • The service and volunteerism ensure that all of the resources are adequately distributed amongst the globe’s people, and no one is devoid of the same.
  • The public servants associated with the Church have been identified to work closely with multiple NGOs to uplift the societies and have eventually earned accolades and awards. 
  • Within South Korea, the service workers have worked on cleanliness drives, with mural paintings decorating the streets, meal donations for the poor, welcome drives for foreign people, and many more. 

On a single note, the Church of Jesus has been working extensively towards the upliftment of society, and it would be an honor for the people associated with it. 

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