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Medical Marijuana Helps Lower Los Angeles Crime Rate

Efforts to close medical marijuana clinics and create a barrier for patients are on the rise across the country, at a local level. A very common piece of policy and the application of so-called “reasoning” laws by local municipalities, implies that medical marijuana businesses directly create or promote crime in their respective neighborhoods. Such statements infuriate the people actually running and using the legitimate clinics and dispensaries, not only because they have no direct relationship to crime they see, however indirectly may affect crime in a positive way. The war on drugs has brainwashed many Americans to the point where one may directly associate medical marijuana with criminal violations, rather than a legitimate form of alternative healthcare, comparable to acupuncture or holistic medicine.

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All over legal states, cities are the creation of zoning restrictions applied to marijuana dispensaries to keep them away from schools and churches, as if there were inherent immorality of those who receive their medicines. This week, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a law against marijuana businesses in general locations (and many other densely populated urban areas), ordering everyone to keep 600 meters away from schools. This makes sense, as individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from possessing or using medical cannabis. Unfortunately, last month a bill was passed, which allows cities to ban dispensaries essentially completely, with the appropriate community support. So ultimately, we are seeing the initial effort of local authorities to keep cannabis away from … well, everyone.

In response, the nonprofit Rand Corporation actually decided to look at the statistics behind this way of thinking and found out what really happened due to the regulation of medical dispensaries has been the exact opposite of what the authorities want people to believe .The RAND study clinic, released Tuesday, looked at the statistics on crime in the vicinity about 600 clinics in Los Angeles, before and after a large number of them were forced to close. What they found was that there was a sharp increase in crime in areas surrounding the clinics were actually closed. Compared to open clinics in similar areas, three blocks from the crime of which were closed were fired in a remarkable 60%. The study focused on statistics from 10 days before and after closure.

“If medical marijuana dispensaries are the cause of the crime, then there should be a drop in crime when they are closed,” said the study’s lead author, Mireille Jacobson. He added that while “individual clinics can attract or create a neighborhood nuisance crime”, there is no evidence that clinics general cause crime to increase. So there it is, not only because of clinical crime, their presence actually discouraged!

The study raises a number of possible explanations for this, as the increased security required by clinics in the form of cameras and guards. In addition, the hours of operation at the end of many clinics to create foot traffic at night to deter potential criminals. Possible causes include decreased attention of the police, once closed a clinic and a resumption of trading of drugs on the black market.

In response to the survey, Americans for Safe Access issued a statement saying that his organization had “reached the same conclusions as RAND with a qualitative study of public officials with first-hand experience of how clinical reduce crime in their neighborhoods” . The LAPD own data show that the LA dispensaries are magnets of crime that drug warriors believe they are ignorant;. ”Banks are more likely to steal medical marijuana dispensaries” in 2010, a study commissioned by the Police Chief Charlie Beck found I think it’s time to close all the shadows all branches of Bank of America!

Of course, those behind the bus stop are very willing to ignore the data and continue with their draconian policies. The Los Angeles city attorney rushed to throw everything and the kitchen sink in the study, said it was “based solely on mistaken assumptions, conjecture, irrelevant data, as untested and incomplete.”The statement described as “highly suspect and unreliable.” So what’s new, the criminal prohibition of marijuana has never been influenced by studies and statistics, rather than by logic or compassion, but will continue their harassment and marginalization of marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles and in other parts of the name regulation. However, this relationship is a powerful tool for supporters willing to take the matter to the people and communities affected by closures. No one wants higher rates of crime and maybe sell the idea of ​​new clinics can be re-packaged as a security problem, a boon to the free areas dealing with violence and theft.

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Hemp Fabric And Mhong Culture Should We Copy Them And Why

Mhong is the name of a hill tribe which has its location in the deep mountain of Thailand. The tribe that has an easy lifestyle going along very well with our nature. The most notably way of eco-lifestyle is the use of hemp fabrics.

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Every Mhong family will sustainably grow hemp plant at the back of their home in order to use it for many purposes. Mainly and surely the purpose of growing hemp is to obtain the hemp fiber for the use in textile such as hemp clohes and hemp bags. With a long history and tradition of the life associated with hemp, it makes Mhong to be experts in hemp.

Hemp is the plant which can produce the fibers 4 times than cotton with the same size of farm. Moreover the hemp farming does not require any chemical pesticide. There are also many other advantages of growing hemp for the purpose of its fiber that is deemed to be a sustainable choice for our environment but the details are too many to put in this article. Let’s get back to our topic.

If growing hemp is better for our nature and also better in terms of the productivity, then why all of us and the cotton fabric producers do not turn to use and live our lifestyle with hemp fabrics instead of cotton fabrics like Mhong people? I will then now go through in details about the facts based on the below arguments:

We should copy Mhong’s hemp fabrics usage lifestyle:

  • Because it is good for our nature
  • Because it is higher in productivity in terms of fiber producing
  • Because it it is good for our health as Hemp farming require no chemical pesticide
  • Because hemp is a more durable fiber than cotton
  • Because hemp fabric properties are better than cotton such as anti-bacteria, anti-dust mites, better UV protection, etc.

We still should not copy Mhong’s hemp fabrics usage lifestyle:

Hemp is a close relative to marijuana then growing hemp is some countries can be illegal especially in the countries which still have low knowledge about how to distinguish hemp from marijuana. Then, at this moment we still should not copy Mhong lifestyle of hemp usage unless the basic knowledge on how to distinguish hemp from marijuana are well understood by all countries.

Hemp fiber is more durable than cotton but this properties makes the hemp fabric texture to be a bit more rough fabric when comparing to cotton.

At this moment hemp farming for the purpose of its fibers are not popular, so at the beginning stage the economies of scale still cannot not be realized which may makes the cost of hemp fabric far more expensive than cotton.

From my experience in working on hemp fabric on designing hemp bags, above are the good factors that can come into discussion on should we turn to hemp fabric instead of cotton or other fabric. The topic needs to be critically analyzed by everyone in this world as the benefits of this is for our world and environment.

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