The All-Inclusive Guide To Buy a Folding Bicycle

As the world moves towards adopting practices that enable a sustainable lifestyle, bicycles have become more popular than ever. Bicycles are versatile – they can be used for regular commute, they come in handy on adventurous hikes and trips as well. Cycling is good for the health and eco-friendly at the same time. 

With the advent of folding bicycles, cycling has become even more popular. But there are many factors to consider and things to know before investing in a folding bicycle. Even when one visits the homepage of an online bicycle store, one can see several models, each with its special features and limitations. Here is the all-inclusive guide to help buyers with folding cycles. 

Factors To Consider

Discussed below are some basic factors to consider while buying a folding bicycle.

  • The budget

A folding bicycle is rather a long-term investment. Thus, one should carefully set the budget for the same. If one tries to get the cheapest product from the market, it may not last long. Further, it may even pose a risk as the user hits the road. Even people who are generally price-sensitive raise their budget so that they can invest in a good bicycle. 

  • The weight

The weight of the bicycle directly impacts how well the rider can handle it. It may sound absurd, but folding bicycles are generally heavier than regular ones. Experts say that the folding system adds to the overall weight. People should choose a folding bicycle that matches their physical capability. 

Here, one thing to remember is that if you look for lightweight models, they may come with a strict weight limit too. So, for safety reasons, one should thoroughly analyze the model’s weight before buying it. 

  • The wheel size

There is a wide range of wheel sizes in the world of folding bicycles. The wheel size affects a host of other things. For instance, smaller wheels can help with better portability. However, they may not be suitable for long-distance rides as they are more likely to feel the unevenness on the roads. 

A larger wheel may not produce the most compact fold. But it is the best choice for riders who often take long rides. Based on the user’s requirement, one can choose an optimal wheel size after consulting the store’s customer assistant if needed. 

  • The design

There is a range of variety in the folding styles of bicycles. Each design comes with advantages and drawbacks. Also, some are more popular than others.

The break-away design allows the rider to pull apart the bicycle frame into parts and arrange them in a briefcase. The horizontal fold variety is quite popular. But it can put stress on the frame when used frequently. To overcome this drawback, the triangle hinges vertical fold design is used. These folding cycles come with a built-in suspension. The swivel fold is a lesser-known design. Some bicycles also incorporate multiple folds to achieve better compactness. 

Bicycle enthusiasts should also consider another factor – how well one can apply upgrades in the future. 

The Top Advantages

Folding bikes are becoming more popular because of the plethora of benefits they provide. Listed below are some of the top benefits that folding bicycles offer. 

  • Storage

As cities become more and more crowded, living spaces are shrinking. In some tiny apartments, storing a bicycle is not possible. On the other hand, a folding bicycle offers an opportunity to be eco-friendly without taking too much storage space. Also, one need not worry about protecting the bicycle from extreme weather conditions. 

  • Easy commute

With a regular bicycle, one may find it hard to switch to a different mode of transport on the way. Not all public transport systems allow bicycles inside. Then, the rider may have to find a suitable parking space. A folding cycle saves one from all of these hassles. One can easily fit it into a cab, metro or bus, without causing inconvenience to other passengers. 

  • Best complement travel plans

When one is on a family road trip, folding cycles can still be carried. Regular bicycles can also be carried in a car. But one needs to spend on a quality rack. 

Here, it is easy to notice that the folding bicycle offers benefits for all types of users – those who want it for regular commute, those who want to switch between different modes of transport, travelers who want to take their bike along so on.

The bottom-line

If you still feel confused about whether you need a foldable bicycle, here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you aware of the design’s benefits, or are you simply looking for something cheaper than a regular model? By the way, many people have a misconception that folders are cheaper than regular bicycles. It is not true in all cases. Some folding models can cost as much as automobiles or even higher!

Have you decided the purpose of use? One of the best uses of a folding bicycle is that if something goes wrong, the rider can catch a taxi back home! 

One common thing among all folding designs is, they have a learning curve. It can take a while to get accustomed to the folding/unfolding process or the assembly/disassembly. Consider all these factors carefully. Check if your purpose of use and expectations can be fulfilled. If yes, go ahead with the purchase!

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