Probably the question most frequently asked by those of bodybuilding is how many proteins shakes a day to take if your current target is weight gain.

These entrepreneurs have their protein needs accurate work to a “T”, but may have difficulty meeting with this amount each day – after all, not only the protein usually more expensive than other foods, but also fills you faster.

In this state of frustration, wait their turn for the protein powder to do the work for them as they find a huge difference as they use these boosters. Here, the testosterone booster before and after results will clear this up for you. After all, the whipping of a protein shake only takes a few seconds and is easily reversed without much effect on appetite. But it tends to produce the best results when it is muscle building?

Or should it also include the consumption of protein powder just before and after a strong period of weightlifting?


The advantages of using protein powder, when the club are:

– The cooking time should be minimized

cost per He is generally cheaper per serving of chicken, beef, or fish

taste – you do not shake butter peanut chocolate? (assuming of course that you choose to protein powders taste)

variety of high – you can easily buy protein powders that come from carbohydrates additional calories to help them get there or opt for a complete overhaul meal replacements

Transportable – instead of carrying Tupperware containers with you, you only need a small container filled with powder, since water is available almost everywhere.

This seems a very good choice. However, be sure to consider the disadvantages.


Digestion faster – if you are looking for a source of protein that will supply the body with amino acids over a long period of time, dust will not be your best option.

-lack of other nutrients – many sources types of meat also contain minerals that are essential Growth and development

inadequate long-term technical eating – Eat whole foods with more often you learn to eat an adequate for the long term. Based on protein shakes May be acceptable in some cases, temporarily, but what really teaches you how to eat to build muscle? Do not think so.

Gas – Finally, and not too related to strength training, but many people report the use of excessive protein powder tends to give them gas. People around you probably prefer to eat whole foods.

Therefore, consider these things when deciding how many times the consumption of powdered protein in your diet.

Obviously, your needs are the number of your target. If you get lost in it, you’re not really going to be building muscle at all. Bodybuilding requires a bit more amino acids, but not quite in fact as some people are led to believe. 1-1.5 grams per pound should be enough.

To maintain consumption of shaking a 40% of their daily intake would be nice, but less is better – and that includes a / before meals, after training.

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