Getting lost in the vast Minecraft open world is really easy, while finding your way to your base after a long adventure in the wilds can get hard especially if you are not familiar with your starting environment. Even if you are familiar with your environment, it is still possible to get lost especially if you ventured in too deep to unfamiliar grounds. In this article, we will list some tips that will help your navigational skills in Minecraft. Avoid getting lost again when playing on your default account, or even Minecraft full access account. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Mark the wood you pass through

This tip is only applicable if you are venturing deep into a forest. When going your way through a deep forest, you can use an axe to make a dent in the appearance of wood. This will essentially mark them, as the dented trees will have a different texture from other trees in the area. Logging a block is different from breaking it. You should hold the axe, then press the button for eating – this will log a block. The eat button for Minecraft Java Edition is a mouse right click.

The purpose of doing this is to leave a mark through trees that you can easily identify. You can follow your way through these marked trees since they will stand out from trees that you haven’t touched.

Although this is quite handy, you need to find a new way of not getting lost if you plan to travel to areas with scarce or no trees. Considering that Minecraft has many biomes that don’t have trees, it is safe to say that knowing this method won’t be applicable for a good chunk of the game.

  1. Lay down blocks as marks

This takes the same idea from the above tip. With that said, it will work in nearly all biomes. All you need to do is place blocks on the path that you took while traveling.

One disadvantage of this is that you will have a finite amount of blocks, instead of potentially infinite mark points when using tree logs. With that said, we recommend you to use an easily gathered block that is abundant, like the basic soil block. With that said, the basic soil block is not easily visible for areas that have the same color. A basic rule is to use a block of the opposing color to the overall theme of a biome. For example, in a snowy biome, using dirt blocks are great since their colors can easily be seen even at great distances. For desert areas, you should use blocks that contrast the brown color of the sand.

  1. Craft a compass

Compasses are one of the oldest navigational tools in the real world. Luckily, you can use a compass in this game as well. Craft a compass and as long as you can use it properly, you can find your way home.

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