If you are a home owner who’s looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home before putting it on the market then you might want to look no further than your home’s bathroom. Many home owners spend some time either renovating or “freshening” their home with paint in neutral colors to add to their home’s appeal and help it sell easier. Since a luxury, or spa-style, bathroom can be a huge draw to prospective buyers it is a good choice if you’re looking to invest some money on making your house.

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Take a look at how much money that you are willing to invest in renovating your bathroom before you choose what your project is going to entail. Look at your bathroom with a critical eye; is there anything that desperately needs to be fixed or updated?

A good rule of thumb is to replace or cover over anything that is really outdated or damaged; ugly vinyl flooring, damaged or outdated countertops, chipped sinks, or fixtures from the 70s will all qualify as elements that should be remedied. Some of these items will be much more expensive to replace than others, so plan for the most expensive upgrades first and then plan out the rest of your project.

Next, decide which less expensive options that you can use to fill out the luxuriousness of the room and give it that great spa-feeling that home buyers will want for themselves. Install a stylish light fixture and a dimmer switch in the room so that you can adjust the lighting according to your mood. Ideally, you should have more than one type of fixture in the room so that you can have it bright if you need it or dim if you’re looking to relax.

Another relatively inexpensive item that you might want to install in your bathroom is a heated towel bar for warming your towels; they can be freestanding or wall mounted and adds a really nice luxury touch to your bathroom. Towel warmers can also help keep your bathroom a little warmer which can help with moisture problems.

To add to the spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, paint it a neutral, complimentary color to the fixtures that are already in the room. Add some lush, thick bath towels and mats to the room to make it feel welcoming. You may even want to hang a few thick plush robes on the back of the bathroom door like they do in a high-end hotel to invite prospective buyers to feel like your home is a vacation destination.

Remember that residents spend a good portion of each day in the bathroom, both in the morning and in the evening. For many people it is THE place in the room where they like to relax; help them feel relaxed by renovating it into the perfect atmosphere.

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