Diamonds are the most sought-after item and a player’s best friend. Not only are they incredibly rare, but they’re also incredibly hard to find. 

As a handcrafting material, they can be used to forge some of the strongest weapons, like the tough diamond ax. In Minecraft, they are second best to Netherite Ingots and have become synonymous with a player’s success in Minecraft. 

Players in their quest to find more diamonds may resort to hacked software servers like Wurst Clients. While it is completely safe, it is illegal as you’re playing on a pirated version of Minecraft. If caught, you could get banned from official Minecraft servers. That being said, Wurst client does offer you gifts and items that would usually take a lot longer on the normal version, a lot faster. Use it at your own risk. 

Back to the diamonds. 

One of the most rewarding searches is the search for diamonds. Players spend a major part of their day searching for these blue beauties. The hype surrounding them is intense too. So, we’ve compiled a few pro-tips that you need to know to make your search easier, and the diamond quest will soon reward you. Let the digging begin:

  • The right tools 

The first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is to have the right tools in your inventory. An iron pickaxe is the right one you need to mine diamonds. Trying to mine diamonds with a wood or stone pickaxe is pointless; the diamond block will break, but you won’t get any diamonds from it.

  • Go deep 

Diamond ores appear from Level 1-16, but most abundantly, they will appear on Level 12 and after. You’ll need to get down to at least Level 15 to get enough diamond blocks to mine. Watch out for lava when you do strip mining; that stuff can kill you. 

  • Light up the way

Carry plenty of torches in hand. They can light up the way when you mine deep and also give you an extra vision field so enemies can’t surprise you down there. 

  • Cave surprise 

If you have caves nearby, explore those first. Caves can be massive in size and depth and sometimes filled with lava. To handle lava, all you need is a water bucket, and you’re good to go!

  • The staircase is the way to go. 

When you start mining below ground, building a staircase is the best method to get down and up from the mine easily. To build the staircase, dig blocks one block deeper at a time, just like steps. You can easily go up from the mine by jumping. This is one of the most popular methods to get diamonds. 

Diamonds are so rare and so useful that it is the most popular item on Minecraft shouldn’t be a surprise. If you go looking for some, adequately prepared, you’ll be rewarded. You might even find them in the chests in abandoned villages. So keep your eyes on the prize and good luck!

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