Relationship failure doesn’t happen suddenly. It usually transpires over a period of time. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your relationship every now and then without overdoing it. Here come 8 signs that your relationship may be in danger of failure.

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  1. You stop showing affection.

A couple usually shows plenty of affection during their courtship – hugs, kisses and sweet words, which touches all the different needs of a man and women. Long text conversations and late night phone calls are everyday affairs. However, as years go by, many couples decrease their loving actions towards each other. If you have come to this place, it is not too late to turn things around.

Solution: Go back to the first works. This means you start by pure determination to show affection again as you did in courtship days. Even though it may feel mechanical at first, it can be a very effective way to turn a relationship around. Most people respond lovingly to loving acts. The universal principle applies even here: whatever you sow you will reap.

  1. Quarrels are more common than pleasant conversations.

Arguments are normal for every couple, but should be more an exception than a rule. If your conversations are filled with more quarrels and disagreements than positive and nice expressions, something has gone wrong. It is an indisputable sign that you may be facing a relationship failure. Hence, it is time to pull the brake and do something about it.

Solution: Start by listening to yourself. Is there a negative “flow” coming out of your mouth more than a positive? Secondly, the next time you feel tempted to raise your voice, stop for a second and take a deep breath. Ask yourself: “is this problem worth fighting for?” It is important to choose your battles, just like you do with children. Aim to discuss heated topics when you both are full (eaten properly and are well rested), in a good mood and not in a rush. Try to apply the golden rule: “what you want others to do for you, do to them.” To do right even when you feel the other person doesn’t deserve it is not easy, but it will more than often bring about positive change.

  1. You don’t care how your partner’s day was.

When there is no interest to ask each other how your day at work was, you may be facing relationship failure.

Solution: If you have been unhappy for some time, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner. Don’t sweep things under the carpet and pretend everything is ok. And don’t wait for your partner to start the process of reconciliation. You both need to talk and you need to share your needs with one another that are not being met in the relationship. Ask your partner how he/she feels about where your relationship is at, and share how you feel too. Discuss how you both can make some changes to progress, and come up with very practical solutions. Dare to discuss difficult and sensitive issues to grow and progress in your relationship.

  1. You’ve lost interest in sexual intimacy.

Many marriages – a lot more than most married people want to admit – survive without regular sex. It is common that the person who desires to make love more often reaches the point of becoming unfaithful. If this issue is not solved, your relationship is going to suffer tension and conflicts, and it will often go down the drain and lead to relationship failure.

Solution: Sex can be a complicated and very sensitive issue in a couple’s life. But you’ve got to talk about it. If the two of you have tried to discuss but it keeps ending in arguments and resentment, you should consider meeting a counselor/therapist/life coach who deals with couples relationships as a specialty. This can help you find a solution to this delicate and often complex matter.

Start by thinking through these four relationship failure warning signs and discuss it with your partner. Relationship failure mostly doesn’t happen over night, but as some say, it’s a slow fade. Invest like you do in anything you would like to succeed in.

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